Corporate governance

Policy for corporate governance

JMC formulated the “basic philosophy,” which defines the meanings of existence of our company in society, and “management policy” and “management ethos” to realize our ideal state, and hopes to contribute to society by putting them into practice and then improving our corporate value.
In addition, we put importance on “corporate governance” as a base for following them and realizing the philosophy, and strive to develop systems and structures for enhancing the soundness and transparency of business administration, boosting the trust of stakeholders, including customers and local communities, and improving our corporate value.

Basic philosophy

The JMC Group demonstrates, through activities and achievements, that JMC is an enterprise that is beneficial for society and can contribute to society.

Management policy

The JMC Group gives top priority to making employees and their family members happy, and will become “a good company” by doing so, and then contribute to customers and local communities.

Management ethos

Based on the steadfast ethics view, we take action on anything sincerely and proactively.
We pursue thorough quality management, so that our customers will keep maintaining and increasing their trust in us.
With the aim to make progress, we trigger transformation, create technologies, and maintain continuous growth.
While respecting human beings and caring for the environment, we aim to realize a cheerful, vigorous enterprise.

Corporate governance structure

Corporate governance structureCorporate governance structure


JMC is developing organizations so that all employees will follow our corporate philosophy, laws and regulations and take action based on a high sense of ethics, in order to win the trust of society and customers.

Compliance structure

JMC established a compliance committee for promoting compliance from a group-wide perspective. In addition, we established a compliance control division in each region of our plant, and these divisions take respective roles.

Compliance structureCompliance structure

Diffusion of our corporate philosophy

JMC produced a compliance guidebook in 2018, to stipulate the standard of conduct that should be followed by all members of the JMC Group in their day-to-day business operations, and uses it.
For the purpose of diffusing the “corporate philosophy” as a code of conduct for all employees, we produced a booklet summarizing our corporate philosophy and management policy, and have been distributing it since FY 2022. We make efforts to diffuse the corporate philosophy, by distributing the booklet to new employees fresh out of college, mid-career workers, and others when they join our company.