Within our capabilities for producing large amounts and various product types, it became possible to manufacture products that meet unique application specifications.

Ferrite is one of the magnetic ceramics, and can be roughly classified into “hard ferrite” and “soft ferrite.” Our company manufactures soft ferrite. By installing large-scale dedicated equipment and establishing elaborate processes, it is possible to mass-produce multiple products satisfying the specs of respective clients. In addition, we have enriched our systems for developing products and technologies, with analyzers for chemical composition, powder properties, electromagnetic characteristics, etc. and experimental equipment for producing calcinated powder on a small scale.

Specialization in ferrite materials

  • Specialization in ferrite materials
  • Our company manufactures calcinated ferrite powder (powder or granules) as a raw material, and does not handle ferrite cores. We are recognized to be the only Japanese producer specializing in ferrite materials domestically, and we additionally provide products to the exports market.

Ferrite indispensable to electronic devices

  • Ferrite indispensable to electronic devices
  • Ferrite is used for producing electronic components for electronic devices, such as power transformers, noise filters, and radio wave absorbing tiles. Our company has delivered ferrite to a broad range of electronic component makers inside and outside Japan, contributing to the modern electronics society.

Ferrite manufacturing facility

Sakata Factory

Our ferrite is manufactured at the Sakata Factory of the Yamagata Plant.

  • Process of producing ferrite granules
    Process of producing ferrite granulesProcess of producing ferrite granules