Products and services

Our product lineup has been enriched
because we have worked with materials
such as metals for many years.

Products and servicesProducts and servicesProducts and servicesProducts and servicesProducts and services

Raw materials for iron and steel

Ferroalloys are critical secondary additves for steelmaking as they are used in applications such as removing sulfur oxides, oxygen, and other impurities and adding desired properties to precise grade specifications.

Functional materials

The functional materials we handle include ferrite, known as a typical magnetic material, and activated manganese dioxide (AMD), which has chemisorption properties.

High-purity metal

Metallic chromium and high-purity cobalt are used in the manufacturing of semiconductors and electronic devices and are important materials that support today’s sophisticated electronics society.

Formed materials

Formed materials are made by processing metals and other materials by using heat or force. In addition to cast steel and ceramics, our company handles sintered metal chromium bodies.

Battery materials

Since the development of hydrogen storage alloys in 1979, we have been a leading company in this field. By utilizing our abundant experiences and technologies, we meet the demand from our customers for about critical battery materials and applications.


We built our own power plant because manufacturing ferroalloy requires a large amount of electricity. The Energy Business, which was started with consideration of the natural environment, maintains the original philosophy of our company.