Negative-electrode silicon materials

With our industry first new production method, it became possible to achieve both high capacity and high efficiency.

Negative-electrode silicon materials, which are attracting attention as materials for lithium-ion batteries, are high-capacity, but there were some problems, such as a low initial efficiency and dilation or shrinkage through recharging or discharge. Our company solved these problems with our unique technologies, and started mass-producing the materials. Furthermore, we are researching and developing next-generation silicon materials earnestly.

What are negative-electrode materials?

  • What are negative-electrode materials?
  • Silicon materials we produce are used for the negative electrodes of lithium-ion batteries. Negative-electrode active materials, such as graphite and silicon, absorb lithium ions at the time of recharging and release them at the time of electric discharge. A negative electrode containing these active materials is composed of a current collector made of metal foil, a conducting aid, a binder, etc.

Negative-electrode silicon materials

Oguni Factory

Our negative-electrode silicon materials are manufactured at the Oguni Factory of the Yamagata Plant.

Start of development: 2011
Start of manufacturing: 2017