Our diverse product lineup
Reliable procurement capability

We offer a wide range of ferroalloys. We produce special ferroalloys including, nitrided ferroalloy and manganese ferroalloy powder, at our factories in Japan, while general ferroalloys such as manganese, silicon, chromium, and rare metal ferroalloys are sourced from our overseas associates. Particularly, calcium silicon is produced by an overseas subsidiary, and special ferrosilicon is produced locally through a joint venture with an overseas company.

What are ferroalloys?

Ferroalloys are necessary auxiliary materials in the iron production process.
Ferroalloys are produced by combining metals such as manganese, chromium, silicon, and molybdenum with iron to remove impurities from iron and steel to improve its heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and tensile strength. A wide variety of ferroalloys are added to special steels, such as stainless steel, spring steel, and wire rods. Special ferroalloys have recently been added to steel sheets and other materials with excellent magnetic properties, such as iron cores of energy-efficient motors and hybrid car motors.

Silicon-based ferroalloys

Silicon-based ferroalloy is an alloy in which silicon is added to iron, and is primarily used as a deoxidizing agent in iron and steel-making. Common ferrosilicon is mostly produced in countries such as China. Our company is widely recognized as a supplier of rather unique ferrosilicon, such as high-purity special ferrosilicon and calcium silicon. The special ferrosilicon handled by our company is used to add functionality to iron, rather than being used as a deoxidizing agent.
The silicon-based ferroalloys we supply are mainly manufactured using clean power generated by the hydroelectric power plants in Brazil, and are part of the CO2 emission reduction efforts of iron and steel manufacturers in Japan.
We are committed to supplying environmentally friendly silicon-based ferroalloys.

High-purity special ferrosilicon

We were producing high-purity special ferrosilicon at the Minami Iwate Plant. However, in 1994, the production was transferred to Silbasa, our joint venture company in Brazil, where the production has continued to this day. We continue to dispatch engineers from our company to Silbasa, undertaking roles in manufacturing technology and quality assurance. In addition, our products are sold to iron and steel manufacturers in Japan and are highly regarded.

Calcium silicon

We discontinued production at the Oguni Factory in the 1980s. Immediately after that, we began procurement from Bozel and have been supplying calcium silicon alloys to Japanese iron manufacturers since then. Our business relations with Bozel continued thereafter, and since 2011, our company has been holding a controlling interest in Bozel.
Bozel produces calcium silicon in Brazil. In addition to Brazil, Bozel has subsidiaries in France and the United States, where it sells calcium silicon and manufactures a variety of cored wires in each country, to supply products to local iron manufacturers.

  • What are ferroalloys?
  • What are ferroalloys?
  • What are ferroalloys?

Our product lineup

  • Ferromanganese
  • Ferroniobium
  • Silicomanganese
  • Super silicon
  • Ferromolybdenum
  • Ferrosilicon
  • Ferrophosphorus
  • Ferrochromium
  • Metal manganese
  • Ferroboron

Ferroalloy manufacturing facility

Takaoka Plant

Our ferroalloys are manufactured at the ferroalloy plant of the Takaoka Plant.

  • Process of producing nitrided ferroalloy
    Process of producing nitrided ferroalloyProcess of producing nitrided ferroalloy
  • Process of producing manganese ferroalloy powder
    Process of producing manganese ferroalloy powderProcess of producing manganese ferroalloy powder

Operation of ferroalloy business

Our ferroalloy business has grown along with the development of Japan’s iron and steel industry. However, due to an increase in domestic production costs and the reliance on overseas raw materials, production in Japan has become increasingly challenging year by year. Therefore, since the 1990s, we have actively promoted relocation of factories outside of Japan. We aim to transform our business by combining our technology with local, inexpensive raw materials and electricity, in countries rich in underground resources such as Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and China, importing high-quality, low-cost ferroalloys.
Currently, not only with overseas production, but also with general imported ferroalloys, we strive to understand local manufacturing technology and quality management, and ensure stable import of reliable products.
We also provide technical cooperation and consultation to overseas ferroalloy manufacturers for cost reduction and quality improvement. However, special ferroalloys that require advanced technology, such as nitrided ferroalloy and ferroalloy powders, are still produced in Japan (at the Takaoka Plant).

  • Electric furnace at Bozel Brasil S.A.Electric furnace at Bozel Brasil S.A.
  • A scene of production at Bozel Brasil S.A.A scene of production at Bozel Brasil S.A.