Activated manganese dioxide (AMD)

Activated manganese dioxide (AMD)

With our unique production method, we developed AMD as a porous manganese dioxide catalyst that has a large specific surface area and is excellent in functionality and durability.

  • Chemisorption

    Unlike activated charcoal that induces physical absorption and others materials, our AMD oxidizes and decomposes target gases through chemisorption as a manganese dioxide catalyst for a long period of time.

  • Excellent properties derived from a large specific surface area

    We prepared three kinds of specific surface areas (BET values): 150 m2/g, 200 m2/g, and 250 m2/g. As a highly functional catalyst that would replace platinum, etc., our AMD excels at decomposing odorous gases, ozone, etc.

  • Flexibility and development capacity to meet the needs from clients

    We proactively engage in the development of materials tailored to the specs of each client. We are also developing materials with new techniques.

  • Diverse purposes of use

    In recent years, environmental issues, such as regulations on VOC emissions, the Offensive Odor Control Law, and the Air Pollution Control Law, have been attracting attention. Under these circumstances, our AMD is utilized broadly for deodorization filters of air-conditioners and air-purifying equipment, ozone decomposition at water purification plants, treatment of discharged gases at factories, etc.

Example of performance data

Testing conditions

AMD weight: 1.0 g 
Gas: 5L 
Use of Tedlar bags 
Room temperature

  • Hydrogen sulfideHydrogen sulfide
  • OzoneOzone

Specs for activated manganese dioxide

Activated manganese dioxide
  • Specific surface area(BET value)
    150 m2/g 200 m2/g 250 m2/g
  • Manganese dioxide
    73% or higher
  • Water content
    7% or lower
  • pH
  • Particle size
    -100 μm

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Products and services related to functional materials